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A Run In My Unmentionables
Failing to recognise Jay Z since 2006
... there'll be a special "Wedding Party" post here in the next few days.

Amen and out, reverend!
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Not that anyone cares, but I haven't posted here in six weeks - the longest time this blog has been unattended since it came into the world, carefree and innocent, in the far-off Edenic days of May 2006, when the world was young and unicorns cantered through the greensward.

There are two main reasons for this. First up, I've been really busy with what I laughingly call work. Second, briefer observations now tend to go on The Faces Book, as most of you will already know.

This blog ain't dead, but it's a fair bet to say that postings aren't going to be as frequent as they once were.

But keep watching the skies.
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This time round we bring you Psyche Rock, a 1967 venture into the pop world from French avant-garde composer Pierre Henry.

This is often cited as the inspiration for the theme from Futurama. In fact, the latter stands in relation to this as those Top of the Pops albums you used to get in Woolies to their own source material: a mere shadow of the majestic and, in this case, completely bugfuck original.

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A round on Pointless yesterday focused on what some self-appointed narnowt* has decided are the "100 foods you must eat before you die".

The examples quoted were barramundi, reindeer, caviar, kangaroo and scallops. Now, apart from barramundi (a fish, apparently), I've tried all of them and found them singularly underwhelming.

I can't be arsed to do a full 100, but here are several foods I would recommend waaaaaaaaaay before the items in question

Rowntree's Fruit Gums
Kellogg's Crunch Nut Clusters
Muller Fruit Corner
Fish and chips from that place in Tilehurst
Double Whopper with Cheese
Bacon sarnies
Medium mixed doner with chilli sauce and mayonnaise from Kebabland in Harrow
Heinz Macaroni Cheese
The Green Goan curry from the Neel Kamal in Up That London
Scrambled egg with a bit of chorizo in it
Kippers with baked beans from the canteen in Hugh Stewart Hall, University of Nottingham, c. March 1982**
My chicken jalfrezi
Plain poppadoms with all four condiments on at the same time (the "Grand Slam")
Ham stottie with pease pudden
Roast parsnips

I could go on, but I'm sure you get the general idea.

* Narnowt - n,, colloquial, dialect, Sunderland c. 1976. A foolish, idiotic or uninformed person. One who "nars nowt about owt".

** This delicious and mildly hallucinogenic breakfast is admittedly hard to access without a functioning time machine


A tasty barramundi, yesterday

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How terrible is this going to be?


Apparently Soderbergh was going to direct at one point.  If he'd hung on and they'd got Jo(h)ns Hamm and Simm it might, just might, have been bearable...
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On the other hand, away wins against the Mags appear to be running on time again.

I'm feeling a bit conflicted today.
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Something to sum up the mood of the nation. At least north of Birmingham and outside the BBC news room.
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Thatcher is dead. Who says she never gave the working classes what they want?

As someone noted on Sickipedia, if they bury her in a public toilet and charged £5 per dump, the national debt would be sorted by the end of the week.

Good riddance to the worst thing to happen to this country in my lifetime. But what a shame we had to wait so fucking long.
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Allow me a sentimental indulgence. Three years ago this very day, I met my lovely wife for the first time (pedants, please note she wasn't actually my wife, or for that matter anyone else's, at the time).

In those three years she's transformed me, and my life, in ways I couldn't have imagined and all of which have made me a far happier and fulfilled man.

Today's song is Dion's version of Springsteen's "Book of Dreams". The lyrics are close enough but the feel is absolutely spot on.

This one's for you, honey.

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That joke being the previous post about the new Sunderland manager.

I originally posted here with a letter I planned to send to the board of SAFC which pointed out that the appointment of Di Canio (a self-confessed fascist) was morally abhorrent and an insult to the city, the club and its supporters.

I'm no longer sending it, or posting it here, because the whole issue has gone ballistic and the club board are now a national joke and quite rightly so. This story (taken from the A Love Supreme website) states the case far more eloquently than I did, and is obviously going to make far more of an impression on the board than a cranky letter from an eccentric supporter in the wilds of Hampshire:

'Meanwhile, The Durham Miner's Association are the latest organisation to express their disdain at Di Canio's appointment. In a statement, they said: “Dave Hopper, the General Secretary of the Durham Miners’ Association, is writing to Sunderland Football Club to demand the return of the Wearmouth Miners’ Banner, which is on permanent display in the Stadium of Light, in protest at the decision to appoint the self-confessed fascist Paolo Di Canio as their head coach.”

Mr Hopper, who spent 27 years at Wearmouth Colliery said: ”I, like many thousands of miners, have supported Sunderland from infancy and are passionate about football. But there are principles which are much more important. Our banner represents the Durham miners’ long struggle for the rights of the working class, rights which were annihilated by fascism in Germany, Italy, Spain and Chile. We have a sacred obligation to the millions who were wiped out by Hitler, Mussolini and Franco to oppose fascism wherever and in whatever context this evil creed raises its head, particularly at a time when working people are again being forced to pay for capitalism’s crisis as they were in Europe in the 1920s and 30s. The appointment of Di Canio is a disgrace and a betrayal of all who fought and died in the fight against fascism. Everyone must speak out and oppose this outrage and call on Ellis Short and the Sunderland board to reverse their decision.”'

Damned right.

My support for Sunderland is withdrawn till further notice. And I'll be cheering for Newcastle in two games time, because I want to see the monstrosity that's pretending to be SAFC destroyed so that my club can come back. The board have done more damage to the club than the bleedin' Mags could ever do.
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