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Pointless Update, In All Conceivable Senses - A Run In My Unmentionables
Failing to recognise Jay Z since 2006
Pointless Update, In All Conceivable Senses
A few posts back I got all huffy about a Pointless contestant who, despite her claim to be a film student, had never heard of Double Indemnity. 

This week, 5 out of 8 contestants were unable to name a single Robert Redford film.

Though one, rather brilliantly, did make a stab at it.

And suggested The Seven Samurai.

Robert Redford, yesterday

Post-Post Update

Since writing the above, today's episode has aired.  In the opening round, the contestants were asked to name any Labour Cabinet Minister from 1997-2010.

To which one couple gamely and confidently offered Boris Johnson and Ken Clarke.

Am I really wrong to be flabbergasted? 
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